My research is specialized in intercultural questions. I investigate aspects of communication between cultures as well as the integration of different cultural habits across different societies with the objective to improve Quality of Life. My current research interests focus on Quality of Life by bridging issues related to personal wellbeing with science and technology. Specifically, I investigate how yoga impacts people's wellbeing and their quality of life. To achieve objective outcomes, I am combining qualitative methods and quantitative technology. Moreover, my research examines the integration of yoga into western societies and the ways in which people modify, adapt, and integrate it into their lives to cope with the challenges of life. My research is highly interdisciplinary and oriented towards applied results useful for scholars and practitioners of yoga, health professionals and the lay community. Specialized in qualitative research, I always strive at detecting new phenomena by combining theory and practice.


Quality of Life (Technologies) from a Perspective of Wellbeing: the Practice of Yoga.

An Interdisciplinary Analysis in the Viewpoints of Science of Humanities and Science of Technologies. @ UNIVERSITY OF GENEVA: QUALITY OF LIFE


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Gerlinde Kristahn